Choosing the Right Workwear for a Job in Construction

Health and Safety is a top priority on any Construction site. For this reason, choosing the most appropriate work attire for your job is essential.

General Clothing

  • Toe-capped boots – These will prevent injury to your feet particularly on a construction site where loose debris can fall or heavy objects may land on top of your feet.
  • Tough and hard-wearing trousers are a must for construction workers, as exposed skin – such as in short trousers – could lead to injury. It would also be wise to consider knee pads to protect joints.
  • Depending on the working condition, you may need hi-vis attire. This clothing will be needed if you are going to be on roads where you will need to stand out in a crowd or working in low light situations.
  • Every worker needs a good pair of gloves. Construction is handy work. Gloves protect employees from chemicals as well as potential injuries from sharp or hot objects etc. Not only this, but gloves provide extra grip, which will come in handy when handling metal or other equipment.
  • A hard hat MUST be worn by every worker on the construction site! According to UK law. Wearing hard hats not only protects employees, but the colour of the hat easily identifies your role on the site.

  • Earplugs – A construction site can be a noisy place with a variety of equipment such as power drills and heavy machinery going all at once. Hearing loss can occur when exposed to 85 decibels of noise averaged over 8 hours. Having a pair of earplugs will protect your hearing from damage. – Be sure that any ear protectors you use do not reduce the level at the ear to below 70 dB, as this will interfere with communication and hearing warning signals.
  • Weather Conditions

    Construction workers brave all types of weather conditions when working on site. Being prepared for bad weather can make your working day a little better!

    • Waterproof trousers and jackets – Waterproof clothing will prove useful when the weather turns. This will improve the comfort and productivity of workers during rainy days. Ensure that your chosen waterproof jacket is breathable, otherwise you may find it to be challenging to work in.
    • Thermals – During colder months, thermal clothing should be worn. Base, mid and top layers will insulate the body and thermal socks are also a great addition to protect your feet from becoming excessively cold during the frosty winter months when working long hours outside on site.

    Task – Specific Wear

    • Safety goggles and breathing apparatus may be needed for some jobs on site.
    • Aprons may be appropriate for jobs that require using marking and measuring tools.
    • A safety harness will be required for those working at height.
    • Limb protectors and shin guards may be key to protecting workers when using power tools.
    • Touch screen gloves will be useful for workers that need to use their phones or other touch screen technology such as tablets during work. Touch screen gloves will allow you to use this tech whilst at the same time protecting your hands.
    • For inside jobs that may frequently require workers to go outside into a muddy environment, shoe covers will be useful. Using slip on covers, means you won’t need to change shoes every time you go outside.

    Whatever your job is on the construction site, remember to wear the most appropriate clothing for the job in order to keep you as safe as possible! Failure to consider your attire may result in serious accident and injury.

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