Construction Interview Questions and How to Answer Them


Applying for a new job is stressful at the best of times and each industry will have their own style of how they conduct an interview. One thing that most industries have in common is that preparation is key and having an idea of the questions given will give you a chance to really think and prepare your answers.

Within the construction industry, safety is everything. Employers need to know you are able to do the job without putting your own or others safety at risk.

Interview questions are designed to offer an insight into who you are as an individual, not just as an employee. Here are just a few of the most common style construction interview questions:

Competency Based Questions:

Competency Based Questions are usually formatted like this – Can You Describe A Time When You…? / Give an example of when you…’. When answering a competency based question don’t just choose examples from your degree; you can choose to pick examples from different areas of your life, including your extracurricular achievements, part-time jobs and internships.

Examples of this include:

– Can You Describe A Time When You…?

– Tell me about a time when you had multiple projects to complete at once, how did you prioritize them?

– Give me an example of a failure and how you changed the outcome to make it a success.

A Situation Based Question

Situation based questions are usually formatted in –‘What would you do if…?’ or “How would you….?” and are designed for your employer to see how you would tackle a likely work-based or problematic situation.

Examples of these questions are:

– What would you do if you and a co-worker disagreed?

– How would you approach a brand new task you’d never encountered before?

– If you saw a colleague working unsafely, what would you do?

Technical Questions / Skill Based Question

Construction jobs require specific skills and knowledge of how to carry out particular jobs and so you cannot have simply anyone performing these jobs, they have to be trained for these specific jobs. Technical / Skill based questions are designed to demonstrate your knowledge and ability to carry out specific jobs.

Examples of these questions are:

identify a possible structural issue on this architectural drawing?

– How much cement will you need for 1 sqm of brickwork?

– Which is stronger: a solid steel rod or a hollow steel pipe?

When answering these questions, we recommend using the STAR Format to ensure that you provide employers with a detailed picture of your capabilities..

The STAR format:

  • Situation – Explain the situation
  • Tasks – Explain the tasks you had to complete
  • Action – Describe the actions you took
  • Result – Explain the results of your actions

When using this format put the most emphasis and detail on the actions and the end results.

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