How to Attract Generation Z into the Construction Industry

With more than one-third of the world’s population counting themselves as Generation Z, this generation of people are fast and upcoming within the workforce. Generation Z accounts for those roughly born between 1995 – 2010. As Gen Z start to finish their education and look to enter the working world, let’s take a look at how this generation can benefit your team and how we can attract them into the construction industry.

With many sites having fallen behind due to restrictions of reduced workers or even site closures from the coronavirus pandemic. Many firms are looking to build back up their workforce and are looking to Generation Z to close this gap within the construction industry.

  • Generation Z are Eager to Work:

Gen Z can be motivated by a clear career path. Gen Z are very aware of the way workforce needs are rapidly changing. Creating an environment where they can learn and develop their skills as well as demonstrating company advancement, such as moving from entry-level apprentice to journeyman, to lead man to foreman to general foreman to levels such as superintendent is critical to motivate this generation into a position in the industry. 

  • Promote Company Social Responsibility

Members of Gen Z are socially conscious and diverse. Demonstrating a conscious effort towards the worlds social issues such as sustainability, climate change and charitable works will in turn allow the industry to win the hearts of Generation Z. Companies and employers will need to highlight their efforts and improvements as global citizens to attract this generation.

  • Plan Ahead

Career planning for Gen Z begins early. Fifty-five percent of Gen Z feels pressure to gain professional experience from as early as high school and traditional industries are struggling with Gen Z because they are not on their radar early. Many Gen Z aspire to work in the trending big name companies such as Netflix, Facebook or Google, as these are the brands that they have grown up with. The world and its technology are advancing in the way that it is incorporated heavily in everyday life. Due to this, many forget about the trade and labouring companies that too contribute heavily to the world, like construction or manufacturing. Many companies attempt to target young people and college students when they offer internships, taking place after they finish college or sixth form education as a replacement for university education. Innovative companies such as construction should also be looking for ways to partner with high schools, such as attending high school career fairs that highlight the range of construction career opportunities as well as all the other essential benefits the industry has to offer. 

  • Technology is the Future

One reason the construction industry has struggled to attract young professionals is because the industry as a whole has been slow to incorporate technology. Members of Gen Z are the true “digital natives.” Devices such as smartphones, tablets, social media and even virtual reality have been the norm. They have grown with the advancement of this technology and are adapted to come up with new ways to use tech to solve common problems. Incorporating technology within the industry is a sure fire way to attract Gen Z. Despite the use of heavy machinery and digital modelling within the industry, few associate construction with technology, but COVID-19 has actually sped things along by forcing many firms to implement virtual resources to accommodate for remote working. Finally the industry is taking the leap forward to adapting technology in their works. Advertising the technology incorporated in the industry such as BIM software to drones to virtual reality and 3D modelling technologies will make it easier to pitch careers within the construction industry and will attract Gen Z job seekers and increase their interest.

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