How to develop your Leadership skills within the Construction Industry

The Construction industry includes a variety of jobs and trades, competing priorities, and hard-hitting deadlines. Managing these tasks takes teamwork on site, both management skills and leadership skills are critical to any project.

Within the construction industry safety is a priority and you’ll need to ensure you are creating a safe, supported work environment for all employees. Assuming a leadership position within the construction industry means you need to be ready to take responsibility for your team.

Here are some tips for how to be succeed in being a construction leader:

  • Be transparent. 

Employees need a clear understanding of how and where they fit into the big picture. Be sure to share important updates with your team about business on a regular basis, whether it be via company newsletters, emails, etc. A leader should never assume people understand what’s required. This is where miscommunications can occur and can cause issues within the workplace.

Business is good or bad, sales are up or down, productivity is acceptable or not, whether people are doing a good job or not, and the profit picture.

  • Be empathetic. 

Try to look at things from a different perspective. It can be challenging, but if you can show empathy, it becomes easier to address specific concerns. A good leader will want to ensure everyone in their team is treated fairly and given the same tools and opportunities. It is also very important to make sure the employees in your team are working in a positive and supportive environment, free from bullying, harassment or discrimination.

  • Provide clear targets

Your team will need to have a clear vision and know exactly what you want them to achieve. Setting clear goals help keep your team motivated and promote teamwork. Whether your goal be for your company to be number one in building difficult technical projects or to be recognised for finishing jobs faster than your competition. Teamwork will be better when all are working toward a common goal

  • Learn how to lead a variety of generations. 

The construction industry has a vast range of tasks and so a vast range of workers. Some construction firms have employees from five different generations from baby boomers to millennials. Today’s leaders have to find an effective way to manage employees who each have their own experience and own styles. You should focus on building one-on-one relationships with workers to help their professional development and ensuring your team are all on the same page.

  • Have good people skills:

Being a good leader also requires more than just practical skills, a leader requires soft skills as well. For example, attitude, work ethic, problem solving abilities, empathy, communication and collaboration.

It’s these abstract skills that can really help a leader to succeed. In the construction industry, high-level soft skills will help you:

  • Guide and motivate team members
  • Influence employee ideas and behaviour
  • Encourage the team to work toward shared goals
  • Foresee (and resolve) problems and issues within the team
  • Establish a profitable strategic direction.
  • Show you care

Weak leaders, who don’t take time to thank people for a job well done, get weak results. In a survey why people left their company, over 90% said they’d never been recognised or praised by their boss, ever, for anything. Workers need to know that they are appreciated and valued for their hard work.

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