Most Common Interview Practise in the Construction Industry


Applying for a new job is stressful at the best of times and each industry will have their own style of how they conduct an interview. For example, the way you interview for a job within the construction industry isn’t the same as the way you would address an interview for a job based in an office. 

One thing that most industries have in common is that preparation is key. Before you go into any job interview it’s important to know exactly who the company is, what kind of work do they specialise in? Is it roofing/engineering/warehouse/infrastructure? You can easily find the answer to this just by having a quick look at the company’s website.

Interview questions are designed to offer an insight into who you are as an individual, not just as an employee. Here are just a few of the most common style construction interview questions:

  • Can You Describe A Time When You…?

A Competency Based Question

The questions you will be asked in an interview for a construction job will usually be around testing your competence to do the job. Within the construction industry, safety is everything. Your employers will have to feel confident that you can do the job without putting your own or others safety at risk. Look closely through the job specification which gives you all the clues you will need about what they want from the successful candidate. Prepare some examples of when you have done those things in the past and what you have learned from that experience. 

  • What Would You Do If…?

A Situation Based Question

A situation based question demonstrates to the interviewer how you would  approach typical challenges within the job. While you can’t prepare for every situation in the world, it is important to know if a candidate has the ability to handle problematic situations. Before you go into the interview, just think about your construction experience to date. What kind of problems and challenges came up and how did you deal with them? Or ask yourself how would you deal with them? Some typical challenges might be a health and safety hazards, problems within the physical build or project, or perhaps there is arguing within the team about the best way to do something that had to be resolved. When answering, explain your reasoning and how you came to the solution. The why is very important in this question as it demonstrates to the employer your problem-solving skills. Ensure your answer shows you are careful and know your way around a construction project with both technical skills and an awareness of health and safety.

  •  What Do You Know About This Job?

The employer wants to see if you you’ve got a fair idea of what the job you’ve applied for actually is. You should be able to answer this question based on the initial job description. Your answer might include your aspirations within the industry and your goals. This may include working towards a professional qualification and development in the company.

  •  Why Should We Hire You?

When you answer the question It’s absolutely fine to talk about your skills, qualities and achievements. Relate your response to your existing skills, knowledge and experience and explain what you can bring to the company.

  • Construction Interview Questions To Ask The Employer

It is always encouraged to ask a question to your employer to show your commitment and enthusiasm. An example of this is to ask about the company’s key projects or upcoming projects.

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