Industry Recruitment Tips for 2021

construction tips

The construction industry, like many others, have seen some gloomy days in 2020 from the Covid-19 pandemic.  Many of the careers events that many young talents would attend were cancelled. However, fingers crossed things are looking up for 2021.

With the government already looking at making the construction industry a priority sector and the launch of the new playbook looking to help the industry recover from the coronavirus pandemic. We keep our fingers crossed that this will be a good year for the construction industry!

People are desperately looking for jobs and employers are receiving more CVs than ever for people trying to break into the sector. Employers must now air on the side of caution, conducting interviews online and using online video platforms rather than the old habit of a nice chat in a coffee shop.

With more caution allows for a more rigorous recruitment process than seen in previous years, more cutthroat decisions with companies unable to get to know candidates and take a chance on a newbie. Universities are seeing an increase of students applying hoping to break through to their chosen profession. Some choosing more hands-on courses such as productivity and construction courses, something we welcome with open arms as we hope to kickstart growth and level up construction industry careers.

The construction industry is a unique sector with its own special challenges and as the demand for jobs is growing, here are some tips on best practises to look out for as an employer when looking to recruit:

  1. Have an engaging, search friendly job posting. A good job posting will help an employer attract the right employee, here are some things to include on your job posting:
  • Firstly, you should format your job posting in a short and punchy fashion, use bullet points to make it more readable and allow the candidates looking to apply, able to easily see what you as an employer are looking for.
  • The job role and specified duties – many jobs in the construction industry need specialised skills, for example if your company’s focus is on roofing ensure this is clearly indicated in your job posting.
  • Desired skills or development initiates – If you are looking to hire a candidate for a management position it is important to specify this on the job role so they are aware of their responsibilities.
  • Training opportunities – There are many young people who are eager to start off in their chosen industry but may feel nervous that they may not have the right experience or level of skill to start, ensure to mention an opportunity for training to not scare off any newbies who are just as eager to learn as anyone else!
  • Personal characteristics – Personal characteristics are just as important as skills and experience, a company wants the right person for their business to have the suitable personality as well as skills, especially as we are all in some way part of customer service.
  • Company benefits – In addition to the salary on offer it is important to note what stands you out as a company compared to others and why a candidate should choose to work for your business as opposed to others.
  • Opening hours – Employees need to know that they will be available to work the hours you need them to.

2. So, you’ve selected some candidates and are ready to start some interviews. Here are some tips to guide you through the next stage of the recruitment process:

  • Make interview questions more based on experiences and scenarios – This will allow you to get a feel for the persons working style and attitudes towards important issues such as:
  • What kind of safety hazards have you experiences and how would you avoid them?
  • What is the best project you have worked on and why?
  • In your opinion what makes a good team leader?

3. Ensure diversity throughout your recruitment process – a diverse workforce attracts workers with a wider talent pool and this can lead to better ideas due to different experiences and perspectives, also allowing for you to expand your market.

4. Finally, don’t rush the process!! When recruiting it is important to remember to not rush. Rushing the recruitment process and having a bad hire will have a much more adverse effect than just taking your time.

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