Interview Tips for a Job in the Construction Industry


With construction being a predominantly practical, hands-on profession – an interview, formal setting can seem a big contrast to the working on-site environment you may be working in within the construction industry. Many may find the experience nerve-wracking. Here are some of Plant Planet Careers’ top tips to help you prepare for an interview, the more prepared you are the less nervous you will feel!

Preparation is Key

Before you go into any job interview it’s important to do your research!

47% of the candidates failed the job interview because they didn’t have enough information about the company they applied to. Make sure you find out basic information, such as:

  • Know exactly who the company is,
  • What kind of work do they specialise in? –  Is it roofing/engineering/warehouse/infrastructure?
  • How large is the company? Do they have multiple branches?
  • Any major successes or defining moments of the business

You will impress an employer if you can relate your personal experience or skills back to the company, explaining why you are such a good fit and how you will benefit them and their team.

2. Dress to Impress

Dressing smart for interviews is not limited to just corporate jobs. First impressions are very important and the first thing people notice will be your appearance. 71% of employers wouldn’t hire someone who doesn’t follow the appropriate dress code. A smart business or business casual outfit is best for a construction job interview.

3. Answer the Questions

Listen carefully to the question asked by your interviewer and make sure your answer is relevant. Try to weave in information about your skills and previous experiences and don’t forget to mention your achievements. Don’t simply recap your CV; an interview is a chance for you to shine and demonstrate all the qualities your CV can’t!

If a question isn’t clear, ask for clarification so that you can make sure you give the interviewers the information they need. If the worst happens and you simply don’t have an answer, admit it, it is best to be truthful rather than pretend to know about something you don’t – An astonishing 85% of people lie on their resumes and this may come back to bite if you aren’t honest.

Addressing your weaknesses or challenges within the role won’t hinder you at an interview. Be honest and explain to how you plan to address them. No one is perfect and addressing this will probably come as a refreshing change to your interviewers and will demonstrate that you have really thought about how you will tackle this opportunity and your willingness to improve!

4. Practise Good Body Language

Researchers suggest that 60% – 90% of our communication is non-verbal!

Emanating positivity is a great way to impress in a job interview. This can be achieved through body language as well as speech. 39% of the candidates get rejected due to overall confidence level, voice quality, or lack of smile. Here are some examples of positive body language to use at your interview.

  • Handshake on arrival
  • Sitting with a straight back
  • Hand gesturing to help communicate
  • Leaning in when the interviewer is speaking
  • Keeping eye contact

5. Always Follow Up 

Whatever the outcome of the interview, at the very least it is good practise and a good networking opportunity even if you don’t end up getting the job. 

Following up after an interview, with an email thanking the interviewer for their time, will subtly put your name on their radar. If you weren’t right for that particular job they may keep you in mind for any future positions.

Always remember that you are entitled to feedback on your interview so don’t shy away from contacting the interviewer afterwards to ask for some. There is always room for improvement!

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