It’s 2022 National Apprenticeship Week!

Many of us are all too familiar with rejection when it comes down to not having the required amount of experience for a role. It can be increasingly frustrating and leaves you with the question, how on earth do you get experience if no one will give you a chance?! Here, an apprenticeship may provide you with an answer.

This week is National Apprenticeship week! Taking place this year between 7th -13th February 2022 for its 15th annual celebration. Plant Planet Careers are going to explore why you should choose an apprenticeship to further your career in the construction industry.

Why choose an apprenticeship in Construction?

You can earn while you learn.

Apprentices will have the same opportunities as employees, earning a weekly wage and working alongside experienced staff. Giving great real-life workplace experience. Not only will you get paid but you’ll also gain qualifications. By completing a construction apprenticeship, you will receive a level 2 or level 3 qualifications in your field, such as a diploma or NVQ as well as either a blue CSCS card gold CSCS card.

Enjoy the variety of Construction:

Many believe that construction is simply building, however they have no ideas how many industries and roles fall under the construction sector. About 2 million people are employed in the construction industry across some 300,000 companies. This is also the case for apprenticeships. When undertaking a construction apprenticeship, you are not only limited to one choice of construction sector, but there are also many types of construction apprenticeships available! Here are just a few examples of construction apprenticeships available.

  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Joiner
  • Bricklayer
  • Kitchen and bathroom fitter
  • Quarry worker
  • Boat builder
  • Plant operator

Experience Gain hands-on experience

A construction apprenticeship allows you to gain first-hand experience of the industry and is a great way to build up your skills and get an insider’s knowledge of the industry. Most construction apprentices say no two days are the same as each day you are learning the skills that differ and not just carrying out the same tasks.

You won’t rack up huge debts

Not having a degree won’t hold you back within this industry. An apprenticeship is free, no matter what age you are, and you won’t owe anything at the end of it.

Gain a head start on your career path

Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship you’ll be on track for a varied career with many opportunities, many who take part in the apprenticeship scheme end up staying on with their employer. Unlike those who have to try to break into their chosen sector or industry, you will already be there! Construction happens all over the globe and so even if you choose not to pursue a construction career later in life, the transferable skills you learn are highly sought after. Skills learnt in a construction apprenticeship will translate well to other sectors. One example to note is Sir Terry Morgan CBE. He started out as an engineering apprentice in a car parts factory and progressed to be knighted for services to infrastructure, skills, and employment!

Mix with a variety of people

Apprenticeships are great for getting you out there and are a great place for you to build up your network. Building professional contacts will benefit you greatly in the future. You never know when you might need to call on your network for advice or career opportunities.

Just a reminder – Construction isn’t just for boys!!!

There are 320,000 women in the UK construction industry right now! The construction industry has such a diverse array of careers that more females than ever are entering into construction apprenticeships

So, considering applying for an apprenticeship…..Where do you find them?

There are a few ways to places to find out where there are available construction apprenticeship opportunities:

  • Register on the Find An Apprenticeship site and type “construction” into the search bar.
  • Google the names of local construction companies and check on their websites.
  • Sign up on at the CITB’s Constructive site – put in your interests and CTIB will try to match you up with an employer.

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