Associate Project Manager Apprenticeship

  • Apprenticeship
  • Anywhere
  • £400 - £450/week USD / Year
  • Salary: £400 - £450/week


We are looking for an Apprentice Associate Project Manager to work for a construction contractor around Reading – London area. To ensure a project's success, an associate project manager is needed to knows what how it will be achieved, how long it will take and how much it will cost, and works with the project team to achieve the required outcomes. An Associate Project Manager utilises resources with suitable skills, qualifications, experience and knowledge to work together in a motivated and integrated team, with clearly defined reporting lines, roles, responsibilities and authorities.

The duties' roles:

* Scheduling and estimating for project activities including how they can be quality assessed.

* Developing and implementing a risk-management plan.

* Managing the scope of a project and amending any changes changes including assumptions, dependencies and constraints.

* Delivering projects on time, on budget whilst ensuring quality standards are maintained.

* Managing resources efficiently.

* Developing and managing suitable budgets for projects.

* Making sure all paperwork is done for making bids and spending.

* Managing several projects simultaneously with a team of more junior project managers to support you in the delivery

Minimum Requirements:

* No prior knowledge, understanding, skills or qualifications are required before learners register for this qualification

* Candidates must have GCSE Maths C and above and English C and above

Qualification Duration:
24 months

Qualification Title:
Level 4 Associate Project Management NVQ

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