Capital Works Project Manager- Grade 2 listed building

  • Permanent
  • London
  • Salary: £250 - £350/day


Our grade 2 listed building is 120 years old and is undergoing a programme of renewal and reopening.

Contribute to the tender process, involving the following:

1. Receiving reports on tenders from the lead professional and quantity surveyor.

2. Presenting and commenting on the lead professional’s recommendations to the Venue Director & Trustee Capital Subcommittee on which tender(s) to accept. Where the lowest acceptable tender is greater than the project budget (after allowing for a prudent reserve for contingencies), working with the professional team to agree a schedule of variations to be agreed by the Venue Director & Trustee Capital Subcommittee which through ‘value-engineering’ and/or omissions brings the contract sum back within budget.

Oversee and coordinate all aspects of the capital project delivery, including:

1. Arranging adequate building and public liability insurance, taking into account any requirements of funding bodies and the interests of the Trustees. Reviewing insurance requirements as the project proceeds and adjusting as necessary.

2. Ensuring site security etc. with the professional team and contractor taking into account the insurer’s requirements.

3. Advising the Venue Director & Trustees on letting of contracts.

4. Liaising throughout with the lead professional adviser and as necessary with other members of the project team and the contractors.

5. Attending site meetings and reporting progress to the Venue Director & Trustees, but carefully avoiding misunderstandings as to who is instructing the contractors.

6. Being aware of variations and approving them except where delegated to the lead professional adviser. Ensuring that the professional team instruct variations and provide any outstanding information in a timely way so as to avoid delays to the works. Ensuring, with the professional team, that the causes of any delays are clearly identified as soon as they occur so as to reduce the organisation’s exposure to claims by the contractor for costs relating to extensions of time granted. Working, with the professional team, to mitigate the cost of unavoidable variations by identifying opportunities for ‘value-engineering’ so as best to meet the organisation’s objectives for the project.

7. Authorising expenditure against architect’s certificates and arranging payments.

8. Arranging site visits for trustees and others.

9. Helping the organisation to promote and publicise the project

Oversee project finance, including:

1. Monitoring and revising the budget and cashflow forecast against actual income and expenditure.

2. Advising the Venue Director & Trustees of the likely VAT liability for the works, and liaising with the contractor(s) on the issuing of any VAT certificate(s).

3. Submitting regular financial reports to the Venue Director & Trustees advising on actual or potential shortfalls of income and of working capital and liaising with the professional team to mitigate these, as well as on potential cost over-runs or delays

Assume lead responsibility for the project after practical completion, including:

1. With the professional team, reviewing all grant and statutory conditions and clauses attached to the project and ensuring compliance.

2. Liaising with the lead professional adviser on snagging, and ensuring that all defects are made good within the defects liability period before retention monies are released.

3. Finalising the project accounts.

Keeping records:

1. Ensuring a full and complete record of the project at each stage, including dated photographs, before any work begins on site and upon and after completion.

2. Ensuring that the professional team (or contractor) records the progress of the project, including photographs.

3. Collecting all records and passing to the Venue Director.


Each month, supply a written progress report, including budgetary reporting

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