Senior Engineer – HS2



Senior Engineer HS2

Location Aylesbury

Salary £40,000 – £45,000 plus package

Purpose of the role

As part of a wider engineering team comprising Project Manager, Construction Manager, Senior Engineers, Engineer / Graduate Engineers, and Apprentice / Undergraduate placement Engineers, the Senior Engineer will assist the senior staff and supervise the junior staff to ensure the site earthmoving teams have up to date information and the required documentation to allow work to proceed safely, on time and productively. They will ensure accurate records are compiled to fulfil my clients obligations with regard to quality assurance.

The Senior Engineer will be expected to form a good relationship with their equivalents and upwards in the Client team, to ensure maximum co-operation and co-ordination is achieved to enable the works to progress smoothly with minimal disruption.

Good working relationships will be required with the other team disciplines –
Surveying, Commercial, Planning, Quality, and Health, Safety and Environment.

Impact and Key Deliverables:
Intimate knowledge needs to be maintained of the IFC Drawings, Specifications, Technical Standards, Inspection and Test Plans, and the Mass Haul quantities and destinations for each earthworks Asset in the section of work being undertaken.
 Possess the ability to translate that knowledge into accurate construction on site with
minimal NCR’s / rework through effective communication with the Works Managers and Foremen.
 Ensure any defects are highlighted as soon as possible, corrective action is proposed and agreed with the Client quickly and remedial works / repairs carried out with the minimum of disruption. Ensure all other members of the team learn from the error so mistakes are not repeated.
 Produce good quality safety documentation (RAMS etc) in a timely manner to allow
works to proceed and not be hindered by lack off signed off paperwork.
 Assist the foremen and supervisors with receiving the Permit to Break Ground and
regularly review the working area and any services present to ensure no service
strikes occur.
 Ensure Quality Assurance forms are completed for every section of work, accurately
reflecting the as built construction. Ensure these are signed off by the client in a timely
 Review daily Allocation Sheet data and highlight any additional works, missing items,
poor record keeping and ensure the Commercial team receive an accurate record of
the works each day.
 Assist the Mass Haul Manager with quantities, locations, material types etc based on
their greater knowledge of the day to day activities.
 Assist the Construction Managers with the production of the 3 weekly look ahead
 Supervise Graduate / Junior engineers and delegate tasks to ensure effective time
management. Ensure the junior team members are enthused and given challenging
 Exceptionally, assist the survey team with site surveys where construction may halt
due to the absence of a surveyor.

Knowledge and Skills Required:

Preferably experience of bulk earthworks, but certainly a strong interest in the discipline.
 Knowledge of earthworks plant, use of the correct item of plant for the application, and earthworks production outputs.
 Knowledge of the SHW Series 600

Basic knowledge of modern survey / setting out techniques, software used, limitations and applications of the various techniques.
 Knowledge of the NEC contract, the site contract specifically, and the works that are both allowed for and not allowed for within the contract to allow identification of additional works.
 Experience of compiling QA records in an accurate and methodical manner.
 Experience of using planning software and producing resourced programmes.
 SMSTS qualification

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