Streetworks Co-ordinator



Responsible for assisting the Principal Permit Engineer in the day to day management of the Highway Permits process ensuring that the Streetworks register system is available at all times during the working day to advise on the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA) and theTraffic Management Act 2004 (TMA)To assist in overseeing all aspects of work by utility companies on the public highway and to ensure that this process runs smoothly and all aspects of theNRSWA are prosecuted fully.

To ensure that all relevant sections of the TMA are fully prosecuted.

To ensure that all data regarding Utility Company works is collected and suitably recorded and available to those who need to consider it.

To assist in the routine reporting of Streetworks activity to the public through the updating of a dedicated page on the website. Provision of information to the Public by interactive and proactive means.

Prepare Traffic Regulation Orders and Notices in connection with the temporary closure of Public Highway

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