Technical Assurance Engineer



Develop general processes with regard to Delivery, Review, Assurance, Progress Measurement, Document Control. Create and maintain the Design Deliverables Register which is the list of all historic, current and future Design deliverables and reflects the scope and programme of the Design team

Create and maintain Design Assurance Documents, including


* Design Review Plans

* Asset specific and to be updated for all sub assets, to reflect the current scope and programme

* CAT 1 Certificate

* Design and Verification Certificate

Create and issue on a monthly basis the Design Progress Tracker, to report the Design Progress Measurement. Report on KPIs for Deliverables. Identify and implement improvements to general processes. Provide training and support to the entire design Team to work to the set-up processes. Ensure a consistent general approach throughout the Design Team. Identify opportunities to increase the efficiency of processes

Interface to all parts of the Design Team


* Delivery Team

* Disciplines

* Commercial

* Overarching disciplines (Consent, Interface, Environment etc.)

Significant Interfaces apart from the general team support -Delivery Team

Planning the delivery process, delivery programme and follow up any changes, Assistance in the preparation of Documents and Drawings, Assistance with Q&A Check of deliverables

Disciplines – Liaison in planning a consistent delivery approach for all disciplines and interfaces. Information and Support on relevant information

Commercial – Monthly Progress Measurement, Support and Check of the Design Programme, Support and Check of Quotations, EWNs, GCs

Consent/Interfaces – Liaison in planning a consistent delivery approach, Support and Check of the Design Programme, Support and Check of Quotations, EWNs, GCs

Document Control- Assuring a consistent Quality Approach, Assuring and Training general doc control processes, Inform about upcoming milestones, Support the actual delivery in busy times, Tracking all Design House deliverables from, across all stages

BIM- Support to set up consistent processes, Set up Delivery Sets, Q&A Check of drawings, Engage to improve processes (Document on Projectwise)

Leadership – General support with tasks on Delivery, Assurance, Commercial, Progress Measurement, Gateway Submissions, Presentations

Interface to SCS Design Managers and SCS Assurance

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