Why Choose an Apprenticeship within the Construction Industry?

construction apprenticeship

Many of us are all too familiar with rejection when it comes down to not having the required amount of experience for the role. It can be increasingly frustrating and leaves you with the question how on earth do you get experience if no one will give you a chance? A great answer to this question is apprenticeships.

In this guide to construction apprenticeships, you’ll learn everything from what exactly is a construction apprenticeship and the benefits of being part of one.

Why choose an apprenticeship in Construction

  • You can earn while you learn. 

Apprentices will have the same opportunities as employees, earning a weekly wage and working alongside experienced staff. Giving great real-life work experience. 

  • There’s many different types of Construction Apprenticeships to suit you:

There are so many types of construction apprenticeships available. Here are just a few examples. 

  • Building services engineering technician
  • Building services engineering site management
  • Civil engineering site management
  • Construction design management
  • Construction quantity surveyor
  • Construction site engineering technician
  • Construction site management
  • Construction surveying technician

  • Gain hands-on experience

A construction apprenticeship allows you to gain first-hand experience of the industry and is a great way to build up your skills and get an insider’s knowledge of the industry. 

  • Reliable Career prospects

Apprenticeships offer huge potential for career progression. There’s increased demand for qualified professionals. Once you’re qualified there are many opportunities to rise up within the industry and gain more responsibility (and higher pay) as a manager, contractor or even business owner.

  • You won’t rack up huge debts

Not having a degree won’t hold you back within this industry. Unlike many university graduates, you won’t end up with large student debts at the end of your course. An apprenticeship is free, no matter what age you are, and you won’t owe anything at the end of it.

  • Gain a head start on your career path

Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship you’ll be on track for a varied career with many opportunities, many who take part in the apprenticeship scheme end up staying on with their employer. Unlike those who have to try to break into their chosen sector or industry, you will already be there!

  • Mix with new people from all walks of life

Apprenticeships are great for getting you out there and are a great place for you to build up your network. Building professional contacts will benefit you greatly in the future. You never know when you might need to call on your network for advice or career opportunities.

  • Transferable skills

There are over 2 million people are employed within the construction industry. Construction happens all over the globe and so the transferable skills you learn are highly sought after. They have the potential to open up opportunities to work all around the globe. One example to note is Sir Terry Morgan CBE. He started out as an engineering apprentice in a car parts factory and progressed to be knighted for services to infrastructure, skills, and employment!

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