Women in Construction Week & National Careers Week!

It’s been a big week this week with International Women’s Day, Women in Construction Week and National Careers Week all falling within the same week in March! So, Plant Planet Careers wanted to write a blog encompass all these events.

This National Careers Week and Women in Construction Week, Plant Planet Careers want to celebrate the fantastic opportunities in construction and hopes to encourage and support more women & young people into the industry, particularly as by 2025, the industry will need to recruit an additional 217,000 new workers just to meet demand!

There are many reasons why women and young people may stray from the industry. Many, when they think of the construction industry are stuck with the misbelief that the industry is a dead end and is not a career path encouraged by parents to pursue. It is a common misconception that the construction industry is old fashioned or that there are unequal growth opportunities for women, that there is a lack of female role models in the sector. However, thousands of exceptionally talented construction workers would certainly disagree.

Career planning for the younger generations e.g. Gen Z begins early. 55% of Gen Z feels pressure to gain professional experience from as early as high school and traditional industries are struggling with Gen Z because they are not on their radar early. Many Gen Z aspire to work in the trending big name companies such as Netflix, Facebook or Google, as these are the brands that they have grown up with. Due to this, many forget about the trade and labouring companies that too contribute heavily to the world. Innovative companies such as construction should also be looking for ways to partner with high schools, such as attending high school career fairs that highlight the range of construction career opportunities as well as all the other essential benefits the industry has to offer.

Apprentices give young people the same opportunities as employees, earning a weekly wage and working alongside experienced staff, offering great real-life work experience and career progression.

Despite the field being male dominated does not mean that there is no place for women within the industry.

About 14% of the construction workforce are women. Of which 44% of roles women have within the industry are in management, 28% are in sales and office, 21% are in service occupation. 6% production, transportation and material handling, 1% resourcefulness and maintenance. As well as this only 13% of construction firms are owned by Women.

The construction industry has such a diverse array of careers that more females than ever are entering into construction apprenticeships. Female workers in this field have paved the way for a revolution, taking their place in roles that they would not have been considered for previously. With strong and successful women finding a career in a vast majority of roles there is a definitive growing trend in female empowerment in this line of work. One that we hope continues to grow.

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